The purpose of our Community Partners page is to form strategic alliances with our preferred local businesses. After all, when you move into a new neighbourhood, isn’t it handy to have the low down on all the best go to’s?
The intent of this program in threefold. You, our clients,  get the benefits of benefits of deals and discounts with our preferred vendors. Our vendors get an increased awareness of their business. We at the Battle Team, along with our clients, are hoping to send at least one child with cancer to camp this summer by matching your discounts. Heres how it works.
Log onto our site.
Look under Community Partnerships.
Check out our preferred vendor list for deals and discounts.
Look for the client code on the deal of the month.
When you go into our vendors, quote the code and get your discounts!
Whenever you participate in our program, our vendors will track your name and let us know the discount you received. We in turn will match that discount financially and it all goes towards Camp Oochigeas!  
So for example , head into Gibsons dry cleaners during the month of January, receive 20% off your _____.  If that discounts amounts to $30.00, the Battle Team will contribute $30.00 towards Camp Ouch. Its a total WIN WIN. so lets get going and work towards sending as many kids to camp as we can!!

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