Home office considerations!

By: Guest writer, Tina Martin. December 2020

Home office considerations!

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Make Your Home Office Happen

Working at home has become the new norm in recent months for hundreds of thousands of small business owners around the world. Whether you are new to the work-at-home phenomenon or have been doing it for a while, there has never been a better time to establish a home office. As you think about options for a home office, there are three factors to consider.


Making Renovations

Developing a home office may require renovation of an existing space. As you think about your home workspace, consider the specific tasks of your daily work life. When needed, make renovations that help boost productivity as well as comfort.
Whether you are adding to your home or repurposing an underused space, be sure to consider factors such as heating and cooling source, wireless connectivity, privacy issues, and noise reduction needs. Regardless of what types of renovations you make, keep track of spending and consider talking to a tax consultant about whether you can write off these expenses for your home office. If you are self-employed, the Internal Revenue Service suggests that there may be many tax exemptions to consider.

Designing a Home Office

Designing your home office space can be a fun and creative process. There are some simple ways to add personal touches and create a space that invites your best work and helps focus your mind. Here are a few things to consider.
Your home office should be a space you enjoy that helps focus your mind and attend to the workday tasks. Considering the hours you will be spending in the home office, it is important to make it an area that is user-friendly and brings out your best work.

Buying a New Home 

If your current home is not able to accommodate an office, it may be time to consider purchasing a home that better meets your needs. People who are planning a long-term work-at-home career may find that a move is a practical alternative.
When searching for a new home, be mindful of ads that indicate a sale “as-is”. Buying a home “as is” could mean there are structural problems such as a leaky roof, pest infestations, or mold issues that the current owner does not intend to repair prior to selling.
Consider hiring Battle Real Estate Team to support your home buying process to ensure that you are well represented during the process. It may also be helpful to bring in a home inspector prior to closing to make sure you are aware of any structural issues that will require repair.
As you begin developing your home office, consider the amount of time and energy you will expend working in that space and enjoy the process of creating a workspace that is both practical and enjoyable.
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