Look for Experience

Enthusiasm is wonderful but experience counts, plain and simple, there’s no way around it.

Look for Geographical Expertise

Local expertise is valuable expertise. A local agent should know all the details about their trading area. This includes transit, schools, new developments, demographics of owners and families and so forth, all those factors that contribute to the community and upon which sales prices are often based. Local expertise will always help service you when it comes to negotiate your offer as they will know all the existing and sold inventory in their area.

Look for a Full Time Agent

Would you go to a surgeon who practised their craft part time or “on the side”? Enough said.

Look for Anyone but Family

Do not use family to purchase your real estate. Many real estate transactions crash and burn and do you really want to fire your family? Or worse yet, see them at the dinner table every Sunday evening after deals have gone bad? It’s nice to be nice but your real estate is big business.

Look for Recommendations First

I am betting there is someone you know who has bought or sold real estate in the past 2 years. Ask these people about their experience with their agent. What was good and what was bad? Most love to chat about it! Alternatively, did you meet a terrific agent at an open house? Open houses are a terrific way to quietly evaluate an agent. Is there one agent in particular that appears to have “for sale”/“sold” signs in the area in which you are looking? Interview at least 3 agents unless you hit the absolute jackpot on round one.

Look for Awards

Agent awards can be viewed as cheesy. We get it but here is the deal. If the agent has awards for top producing results, then they are writing a lot of business which usually means they have a lot of experience which usually means they are full time, hard working agents which usually means they are very used to working with many buyers and sellers with many different situations. This is a good thing.

Look for Chemistry

Yes, it’s important. You may be working with your agent for a long time so wouldn’t it be nice to be working with an agent that you like, respect, and enjoy spending time with? Real estate can actually be fun if you have the proper mix of chemistry and professionalism.

Look for a Real Estate Team

Real estate has become far more demanding for top producers than ever before. Buyers and Sellers have become far more educated through the use of technology than ever before. Combine the speed of transactions, buyer expectations for immediate accountability, technology that encourages agents to work 24/7, paperwork and legislation that is constantly changing, all in the tremendously desirable City of Toronto and you have the necessity for a team. Teams can respond quicker to client requests for showings or an offer, teams are more readily available for these requests, they bring a wider depth and breadth of experience and chemistry, teams mean never having to say no to client requests. They are the wave of the real estate future.

Single agents who deny this are usually reticent to put in the money, time and training that it takes to grow a successful team. The nay sayers are quick to note that when you hire the top producer of a team, you are quickly shuffled off to junior agents. NOT SO, with Buyselltoronto! Who you hire is who you get. There is always the lead agent with all clients and every one of us is extremely hands on. When you interview your next agent, ask them what happens to your business when they go on holidays? When they are sick or when they are out working with other clients?

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